Bank Owned Insurance Agency Formation and Review

Insurance and financial services products and services are quickly becoming expected products in a community bank- especially for younger bank customers.

Most banks across the country have established operating subsidiaries licensed for insurance including many in Ohio, and over 95% of the banks in Michigan.

The formation of an operating subsidiary licensed for insurance creates a platform to add valuable products and services that assist customers, support key bank initiatives and generate material levels of immediate non- interest revenue.

CBAO has fronted legal fees and can quickly and cost effectively form an operating subsidiary which would include:

  • Form and license a limited liability company including employer identification number:
  • Obtain all required insurance licensing;
  • Generate and provide all necessary regulatory notifications;
  • Facilitate and conduct senior management focus group to develop a prioritized business plan for the subsidiary.

Consulting services are also provided for existing insurance agency performance and operational review as well as facility for sale or acquisition of an agency.

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