Virtual Workshops

CBAO University and Cohen Brown Management Group Announce Virtual Workshops for Community Banks

A virtual workshop is LIVE and INTERACTIVE, just like you’re in the classroom. Never prerecorded. Attendees enjoy the convenience and low cost of participating from their home, office, or mobile device.

"The workshop provided a "hands on" opportunity for our CSR's. I feel that all aspects of the workshop were appropriate. I would have liked to see more Community Banks from Ohio participate so that during the workshop we could have heard additional thoughts and ideas." 

- Derek Williams, Consumers National Bank

Virtual Workshop Dates

+ January

The front-line employee (specifically the teller) is who most people think of when they talk about “their” bank. I always smile when I hear a friend or associate talk about “my bank” versus “the bank.” Use of “my bank” reveals loyalty, ownership, and trust. This month we will focus on increasing your customers’ use of “my bank” by listening for clues during customer conversations, taking a simple request for a rate to the next level of service, and offering the best-of-the-best service during the interaction at the teller window or pod.

Conducting a Hidden Clues Clinic
January 10, 2018 

A Hidden Clues Clinic teaches your team how to identify specific financial clues from customers and the actions to take based on those clues. We will run through the process of the clinic as well as how to script the related Tag-on and the benefit statement during a banker conversation.

Handling the Rate Shopper
January 17, 2018

Each interaction with a customer is an opportunity to assist that person with a financial need. Handling the Rate Shopper will focus on how to take this inquiry to a current or future fulfillment of a customer’s needs.

Tellers Drive to the Bottom Line
January 24, 2018

Tellers are being trained to identify customers or prospects who might want to buy products and services. This task requires tellers to learn about the various financial products and services the bank offers, so they can explain them to customers and prospects and refer interested customers or prospects to appropriate specialized personnel. This session will focus on how to create awareness of products and services.

During this session we will discuss uncovering a customer’s or prospect’s name during the interaction, creating awareness of products or service campaigns, learning to identify customer or prospect clues that allow tellers to create awareness of products or services, including financial benefits within Tag-on scripting, and making a “warm” referral to the proper specialist.


Most financial institutions’ marketing departments roll out very creative campaigns multiple times a year. Your campaign plans should always include creating success within branches and contact centers. It’s important to think about how to motivate your team during a campaign as well as how your team should handle conversations with potential customers when they come in to inquire about the promotion. And don’t forget about current customers. It would be a critical miss to not make current customers aware of a new product or rate special that might benefit them. This requires proper scripting of an awareness line and benefits statements, as well as intriguing teleconsulting entry lines.

This month we will focus on making the most of campaigns.

Motivation Through Reward and Recognition
February 7, 2018 

In this session we will discuss the benefits of reward and recognition, and participants will be able to share the methods they are currently using for reward and recognition. Participants will also learn how to identify the behaviors that give teams a lift and those that drag everyone down.

Utilizing Power Triads
February 14, 2018

During this session, a checking account campaign scenario will be presented, and participants will walk through each step of the Power Triad – Big Fives, Scriptwriting and Objections. In addition, Tag-Ons will be created for the campaign.

Preparing for Teleconsulting During Campaigns
February 28, 2018

This session will focus on improving your teleconsulting calls through focused preparation, entry lines that establish credibility and interest, probing questions, and aniticipated objections. A case study will be utilized as the skills are practiced.


This morning I conducted a workshop that contained a scriptwriting clinic, and as always, I provided an example. The group had several minutes to create a script on the same topic and then the participants shared their scripts. One of those scripts was fantastic, and I acknowledged that it was better than mine. As a coach, you are always looking for the techniques that will improve your team’s skills. A team leader, just like a professional sports coach, doesn’t have to be the best of the best but should have the ability to guide the team to success with precise coaching.  

This month we will focus on techniques that will allow you to lead, manage, and coach your team to be at the top of their game.

The Royal Road to the Close
March 7, 2018 

Objections are the Royal Road to the Close. An objection means the customer is still engaged in your conversation and really needs clarification. This session will present the Objection Categorizer as a tool to answer the most common objections you face when asking for the business.

Distance Management
March 14, 2018

Time management is critical, and finding ways to use our time most effectively is something we are all attempting to accomplish. Distance Management is one time-management solution. This session will provide participants with a clear understanding of how to implement Distance Management for management techniques such as coaching, rounds, briefings/debriefings, skill enhancement, and focused performance meetings.

In-Person Networking
March 28, 2018

Networking can cause so much anxiety for some professionals that they avoid this beneficial technique for increasing their contacts and pipeline. This session will provide you with some tips for networking as well as a planning sheet to allow you to make the most of any networking event.


Success. Everyone wants to be successful in whatever they do. It might be a class you are taking, a new hobby you started, or achieving your professional goals. No matter what the activity, the Cohen Brown Success TriangleSM can help you achieve success. The three sides— Clear, Capable, and Motivated—can be applied no matter what the situation.

Do you have teenage children? Let’s say you ask them to clean their room once a month, meaning they pick everything off the floor, put dirty clothes in the hamper, dust all furniture, and sweep the floor. But they don’t do it. You have been clear. Do they have a broken arm? No. Then they are capable. You may have a motivation problem.

Similarly, as a coach, you analyze the outcomes of your team and find a gap in performance. Ask yourself the triangle questions. “Have I been precise about the behaviors that will drive outcomes?” “Does my team have the skills necessary to accomplish the goals?” “Are they motivated? Do they have the desire and passion to accomplish the goals?”

Once you decide which side (or sides) of the Success Triangle is the problem, then communicate with your team to ensure your assumption is correct.

Coaching Your Team to Success
June 6, 2018

During this session we talk about making a pact to take control of your day so you can focus on those behaviors that are most important to the success of your team. The best of the best coaching experience is created using the Coach Skills Loop (Observation, Observational Feedback and Skill Building) once you make the commitment to take control of your day.


Anxiety Is the Price You Pay for the Unprepared Mind and Mouth! It’s true, just “winging it” isn’t a good practice. It can project a lack of understanding needs, caring, and professionalism.

This month’s session will prepare your team and you for the Best of the Best interactions various situations.

Preparing for Teleconsulting During Campaigns
September 19, 2018

This session will focus on improving your teleconsulting calls through focused preparation, entry lines that establish credibility and interest, probing questions, and anticipated objections. A case study will be utilized as the skills are practiced.


What is the difference between good service and the best of the best, World Standard service? This is service that is so good others set their standards against you.

It is the service that is so outstanding you are willing to tell others about it. I was once asked about how I liked my new car. My response was, “I like my car but I love Jim Smith at XYZ dealership. The service is exceptional!”

This month’s session will focus on the steps for tellers that will make every interaction one that your clients will brag about!

It's More Than Bedside Manner
December 5, 2018

Showing kind, friendly and understanding behavior is a great first step in delivering the best of the best customer interactions. But this session goes beyond as we examine the process that, when used consistently by all tellers in your organization, will give customers a consistent and positively differentiated experience.