Coffee & Compliance Digital Roundtables

2019 Dates:  March 8  |  July 12  |  November 22
Registration for all three sessions is $550 for CBAO members.

Join us for our morning compliance roundtables focusing on upcoming regulatory changes, exam preparation, and policies & procedures.

For each session, we will always cover:

  • Compliance highlights 
  • Critical deadlines
  • Training & Tools for new/changed and proposed legislation

For April: We will provide tools and training for counting down to the beneficial ownership rules along with the standard content we mentioned above for each session. Here's what we will specifically provide as far as tools are concerned:

  • Beneficial Ownership Account Opening Reference Guide
  • Beneficial Ownership Action Plan (And Countdown Check-in)
  • Beneficial Ownership Certification Form
  • Beneficial Ownership Customer Information Brochure
  • Beneficial Ownership Sample Policy and Procedure language
  • FAQs regarding challenges in implementing this rule

Take It Home:
Your compliance responsibilities and challenges don’t stop when you leave the roundtable. Be sure you have the tools to administer your compliance function proactively and effectively. You will receive the Sterling NAVIGATOR, BEACON and all the tools provided at each event and with each edition of the NAVIGATOR.


With one regulatory wave after another, it starts to feel like we’re drifting farther and farther away from solid ground. That’s where we come in. Our NAVIGATOR newsletter will help you steady your rudder and guide you safely through the turbulent waters of regulation and compliance exams. We’ve designed the NAVIGATOR to be your go-to resource for compliance news, critical and upcoming deadlines and items of regulatory focus.

The NAVIGATOR regularly features:

  • Relevant articles addressing current compliance issues.  These articles are designed to inform you and provide perspective of the impact of regulatory guidance and upcoming legislation for your institution.  We include practical implementation tips and useful resources to guide you through the processes of understanding compliance issues, implementing proper controls to mitigate risk associated with those issues and approaching your compliance examinations with confidence.
  • Critical dates.  We will keep you informed of critical dates relating to the implementation of regulatory guidance and the status of proposed legislation.
  • Upcoming events.  Learn where we will be and how you can join us! Whether we are holding Compliance Roundtables, Continuing Education Courses, Forum Events or Webinars, our Upcoming Events and Sterling Events pages will provide you information about each event and how to register.
  • Industry highlights. Get a snapshot of what has happened in compliance in the last month – a great way for you, your management team and your Board stay up-to-date. 
  • Tools.  We typically issue 1-2 tools with each edition of the NAVIGATOR. From policy and internal monitoring checklists, to sample policies and fact sheets, you’ll get the tools to make your job easier.

Sterling BEACON

We offer a monthly consulting service that gives you unlimited access to our compliance experts for any compliance-related questions. This service is part of all compliance engagement packages or may be selected a la carte, but it is complimentary with your Forum registration! Our BEACON allows you to call or email us any time – an important compliance lifeline!  

2019 Dates:  March 8  |  July 12  |  November 22

Cost: $550 for series for members; $650 for non-members
Duration: Content will be covered from 9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

If you have any questions, please contact Lianne Simeone at (614) 610-1877.