Meet the Team

At CBAO, we like to think of ourselves as a “concierge” for our Financial Members – providing support through education and training, products and services, networking events, marketing support, and vendor management assistance. If there is anything you or your team need, even if it’s a restaurant recommendation when you’re traveling throughout Ohio, we’re here to help! 

Robert L. Palmer

President & Chief Executive Officer | (614) 846-2349

Tim Chapman

Product & Service Advisor | (614) 846-2170

Patti Webb

Administrative Coordinator | (614) 846-2625

James L. Harvin

Financial & Insurance Services Consultant | 517-351-4158

Aza H. Bittinger Jr.

Chief Operating Officer | (614) 846-2238

Lianne Simeone

Education and Special Events Coordinator | 614-610-1877

Susan Houser

Marketing & Digital Design Coordinator | (614) 610-1876