CBAO University Policy Exchange

One of the unending responsibilities of community bankers is to write policies. These policies must both meet the regulatory requirements as well as spell out how a community bank plans on complying with the requirements. This all takes time...a lot of it!

CBAO now works with two companies to fulfill your policy requirements. Your available options range from templates you fill out to custom policies written for your bank. We offer this on a wide range of required policies.

Brode Consulting Service, Inc.

Brode Consulting Services, Inc. has a simple solution for you. We can offer you sample policies written with community banks in mind; realistic policies that will meet your needs as well as save you the time in coming up with the "policy language" you were searching for....and all of this at very reasonable pricing. Whenever you have a policy need, we can save you Time and Money!

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Community Banc Consulting of Ohio, Inc.

Examiners are evaluating policy especially information technology centric policy more strictly than ever as they focus their scrutiny on risk management.

Often times, writing accurate Information Security Policy, conducting thorough Risk Assessments or creating useful Disaster Recovery Plans is a resource consuming monster, but it does not have to be. Community Banc Consulting of Ohio Inc. will use our years of experience in technology and auditing to write or revise policy for you that is compliant and serves as an instrument of guidance for the operation of your bank. CBC Policy is thorough and customized for your bank. We can even meet with the examiners for you.

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