Membership Partners

Partner Benefits

  • 50% discount on education and training, convention and special events, and compensation reports 
  • 5-50% discount on partner products and services
  • Community banking career center
  • Subscription to the Ohio Community Banker quarterly magazine and one copy of the Ohio Financial Institutions Directory and Fact Book annually
  • Subscription to Community Banking Connected electronic newsletter
  • Priority notification for attendance at events, advertising and sponsorship opportunities, and exhibit booth space at annual convention  
  • 30% discount on marketing and advertising
  • Listing and link on CBAO website and listing in the Ohio Community Banker
  • Quarterly mailing of membership lists
  • Member referral for products and services
  • Use of CBAO partner logo

Partner Qualifications

  • $975 annual membership dues (invoiced annually)
  • Invoice unpaid 30 days after due date, may forfeit partner status
  • Partner on agreement basis
  • Payment of agreed revenues based on last membership list provided by association
  • Perpetual agreement with 60 day out clause (without clause, upon notification by either party)
  • Exclusive partner for Community Bankers Association of Ohio
    • No competitive endorsements without prior written approval by CBAO
  • Exclusive partner only for primary product(s) as listed in agreement
  • Marketing materials available to CBAO for distribution
  • Number of years in business
  • Number of consecutive years as CBAO associate member
  • Presentation(s) to CBAO board or committee(s)
  • May be subject to reference check, due diligence and on-site review
  • Provide balance sheet and income statement to be reviewed by CBAO representative or designate
  • Annual financial information must be supplied
  • Dunn & Bradstreet and/or Robert Morris Associates review
  • Trial period with CBAO board of directors
  • 50% less of agreed upon full partner revenue/discounts during trial period (maximum 12 month period) that increases upon full partner status to 100%
  • Partner royalties are paid for three (3) years after date of termination of agreement
  • Renewal of existing clients/CBAO members to CBAO partner program as contracts renew
  • CBAO members must remain members to continue to qualify for pricing/discounts from CBAO partners
  • CBAO membership termination results in non-member pricing within 30 days of notice
    • Needs to be included in each individual contract between partner and CBAO member
  • Assist with formal or informal survey of membership to determine service and product quality
  • Members of other state associations are included in current agreement when partner is notified

Partner Process

  • Application for CBAO associate membership
  • Payment of annual dues
  • Review of benefits and CBAO partner qualifications
  • Review of partner agreement
  • Agreement of financial opportunity for member and association
  • Due diligence
    • Financial information review
    • Reference check
    • On-site review
  • Meeting with CBAO board of directors
  • Pilot program
  • Announcement of partner status


  • CBAO Education & Training Committee Meeting - Columbus, OH


  • CBAO Legislative & Regulatory Committee - Columbus, OH
  • CBAO Board of Directors Meeting - Columbus, OH