About CBAO Mission

Community Bankers Association of Ohio (CBAO) is organized to establish and maintain an informed network of independent community banks in the state of Ohio that will have the influence and commitment to effectively serve, protect and promote the interests of its members through:

  • Its representation of the principles of independent community banking in the state of Ohio to state and national governmental officials, the press and the public; and
  • Its promotion, presentation and advancement of education to officers, directors and other personnel of independent community banks in pursuit of high ethical standards and superior business practices in banking operations; and
  • Its research and development of opportunities whereby its membership as a whole can benefit from the pooling of financial and human resources in order to gain economic and competitive advantages.


  • CBAO Education & Training Committee Meeting - Columbus, OH


  • CBAO Legislative & Regulatory Committee - Columbus, OH
  • CBAO Board of Directors Meeting - Columbus, OH