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  Allied Solutions, LLC
  Clyde, Ohio  
  Contact:  Vince Sacco  at (724) 513-7253
  or  Jim Sarosy at (614) 846-2170

VSI Insurance
At Allied Solutions, we never lose sight of what's important. Everything we do revolves around making you the focal point. We make it our job to fully understand the objectives, strategies, and challenges of your financial institution. We recognize that the success of your financial institution depends on the collective success achieved at each and every level if your organization. That's why we pay attention to each of the key functions within a financial institution, and why we have designated solutions to address the unique needs of each of the components of your business. It's this mutual collaboration and partnership that has earned us the trust and business of more than 4,000 clients nationwide.

  Capital Advisors, Ltd.
  Shaker Heights, Ohio  
  Contact:  Douglas A. Price  at (216) 295-7900 
  or  Jim Sarosy at (614) 846-2170

Investment Advisory/Financial Planning 
Capital Advisors, Ltd, LLC offers investment advisory and financial planning services. The firm is independently owned and operated. We assist family business owners, professionals, entertainment figures, and other successful, high net worth individuals by providing a holistic, objective, solution-oriented approach to wealth management and financial planning. Our business model is centered on a transparent and process-oriented approach. Fee based services include: investment planning, executive benefit planning, retirement and cash flow planning, estate tax planning, business succession planning, evaluation of qualified plans, and merger and acquisition intermediary.
Our employees hold many of the designations and credentials essential to offering high level financial advice – Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Charted Financial Analyst (CFA). We have been named by Worth Magazine as among the Nation’s Top 250 Wealth Advisors. Advisory services offered through Capital Advisors, Ltd., LLC, Capital Analysts, Inc., or Lincoln Investment Planning, Inc., Registered Investment Advisors. Securities offered through Lincoln Investment Planning, Inc., Broker Dealer, Member FINRA/SIPC. Capital Advisors, Ltd., LLC and the above named firms are independent non-affiliated entities. 

  Dublin, Ohio  
  Contact:  Shawn P. Combs  at (614) 526-7264 
  or  Jim Sarosy at (614) 846-2170

Workers' Compensation 
As the largest workers' compensation third party administrator in Ohio, CareWorks Consultants, Inc. (CCI) provides best-in-class service to more than 26,000 customers. CCI has been serving Ohio companies since 1950. The Workers' Compensation Group Rated Program through CCI could save your company significant money on your workers' compensation premium; in one year alone, CBAO members saved over $120,900. Even if your company is enrolled in another workers' compensation group rating program, you should compare your current program to CBAO's group rating program through CCI. To receive a no cost and no obligation quote, click here .

   Dawson Consulting Group
   Columbus, Ohio
   Contact:  Jon Hastings at (614) 592-5034 or Jim Sarosy at (614) 846-2170

Dawson Consulting Group
CBAO has partnered with Dawson Consulting Group (DCG), a local agency with a national footprint, specializing in employee benefits, resources, and personalized service to clients of all sizes.  

DCG works with community banks on an individual basis to provide:
  • Comprehensive plans for Health, Vision, Dental, Life, LTD, and more
  • Access to the lowest carrier rates for cost savings opportunities
  • Compliance/ACA Support and Resources
  • Additional premium reducing opportunities available only to community banks

  EBS, a bank consulting company
  Birmingham, Alabama
  Contact:  Kirk Anderson at (800) 826-9384 
  or Jim Sarosyat (614) 846-2170

BOLI, Executive Retirement and Deferred Compensation Plans
EBS is a marketing, consulting and service firm that specializes in the placement of Bank Owned Life Insurance (BOLI) programs. These programs utilize BOLI to finance existing employee benefits, as well as to informally fund new or existing nonqualified executive benefit plans. EBS provides its clients with access to the highest rated carriers in the BOLI arena. EBS members have access to scalable product solutions offered by Northwestern Mutual, AEGON, Great-West Life, Hartford, MassMutual, MetLife, Prudential and Sun Life.  

  Columbus, Ohio  
  Contact:  James R. DeRoberts at (614) 221-1500
  or  Jim Sarosy at (614) 846-2170

Insurance and Risk Management  
Gardiner Allen DeRoberts (GAD) is an independent insurance agency that has been providing Directors & Officers Liability, Financial Institution Bond, Property/Casualty and Force Placed Insurances to the Ohio banking industry since 1970. GAD represents many of the leading financial institution focused underwriters including ABA Insurance Services, Chubb, Travelers, Zurich and Proctor Financial.

  Randolph, Massachusetts  
  Contact:  Edward Klayman  at (781) 963-2269 
  or  Jim Sarosy at (614) 846-2170

Direct Mail Marketing 
Insurance Marketing and Administration Company (IMAC) is a marketing organization specializing in the mass marketing of insurance and non-insurance programs. Founded in 1994, IMAC's primary goal is to provide brokers, financial institutions and associations with effective programs to offer their clients, customers and members, including the $3,000 Thank You Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) program available to all CBAO members. Working with top-rated insurance carriers, IMAC has developed efficient, turnkey programs that benefit everyone involved while providing opportunities for financial institutions to generate non-interest fee income. IMAC offers a wide range of innovative programs that can be customized to create niche marketing ideas and concepts to fit any market.     

  San Antonia, Texas  
  Contact:  Tara Tagle at (210) 232-2249
  or  Jim Sarosy at (614) 846-2170

Retirement Services/ Financial Planning/ Retail Banking
Investment Professionals, Inc. is a full-service broker dealer specializing in the on-site delivery of profitable investment programs for community banks.  Nationally recognized for our work with community banks, we assist our partners in retaining and attracting customers, while generating meaningful non-interest income.
Our skillful matching of financial advisors to our partner banks allows each institution to compete with the national banks, brokerage firms and financial planners within their communities.  With comprehensive regulatory advice, program design, recruiting and ongoing sales support, we create lasting relationships with our bank partners to help them meet the financial needs of the individuals and families within their community.

      JLH Associates LLC
      Contact:  James Harvin at (517) 351-4158  
      or  Jim Sarosy at (614) 846-2170  

Insurance and Financial Services


For nearly four decades, James Harvin at JLH Associates has been focused on providing a wide range of specialized insurance and financial services programs to financial institutions throughout the United States. Based in East Lansing, Michigan, JLH Associates serves clients primarily in the Midwest, Northeast, and West.

JLH Associates possesses extensive expertise and is specifically focused on bank insurance, in-bank investment and related programs, collateral risk management, BOLI and bank-owned agencies. Our knowledge of the insurance marketplace, agency operation and performance, and overall bank management provides extensive resources unique in the financial institutions consulting industry.

JLH professionals can assist the bank at any level – creating an operating insurance subsidiary for a community bank to instantly drive non-interest revenue, enhancing the performance of existing agencies and investment programs, and providing independent third party vendor risk management to maintain regulatory compliant status. This is especially critical in the area of collateral risk management.

Product analysis, vendor relationships and selection, referral programs, business plan development including on-site planning and training are areas where our more than 30 years of hands-on, specialized expertise working with community banks can serve as a valuable outsourced resource.


  Cincinnati, Ohio  
  Contact: Craig Vermost at (502) 371-3384
  or  Jim Sarosy at (614) 846-2170

Lender Single Interest and Gap Insurance 
Lee & Mason is the preferred CBAO partner for Lender Single Interest and Gap insurance. Lee & Mason was formed to assist financial institutions in obtaining the highest level of performance from their loan portfolios. The experienced and innovative management of Lee & Mason is recognized in the industry for its cutting edge ideas. We believe in customization and flexibility in the underwriting of all our insurance products. You choose the type of loans you want to include in your portfolio and we find the way to insure them properly.   

  Pekin, Illinois  
  Contact:  Glen Goggins at (800) 322-0160 ext. 2493 
  or  Jim Sarosy at (614) 846-2170

Credit Life Insurance 
Since 1969, Pekin Life Insurance Company has provided valuable products and services to communities throughout the Midwest. By providing a high level of service and a broad portfolio of credit related products, a network of financial institutions now represent Pekin Life Insurance Company and its Financial Products Division, which currently works with over 400 financial institutions and is one of the top providers of credit insurance and debt protection products in the Midwest. Pekin sells more than insurance. Pekin sells protection and helps build futures while providing peace of mind and long term security for Pekin customers and your clients.  

  Quick Life 
  Littleton, Colorado  
  Contact:  Pat Wedeking at (800) 286-7842 
  or  Jim Sarosy at (614) 846-2170

Life Insurance 
CBAO Quick Life offers a unique processing platform for easy quoting, applying and processing of term life insurance policies providing safe and trustworthy access to the most competitive life insurance buying service in the country. Simply  click here  to gain access to quality life insurance and view the best offers in the industry supported with prompt, world-class service from Quick Life's reliable national call center. Maybe you recently had a child, got married, bought a home or changed jobs. To help you estimate the amount of life insurance you would need to produce a sufficient income stream for your family, check out the Needs Calculator located on the bottom of the home page. It's simple, secure and's Quick Life.

  Seattle Specialty Insurance Services 

  Everett, Washington
  Contact:  Jim Sarosyat (614) 846-2170

Lender Placed/REO Insurance Products and Outsourcing 
Seattle Specialty Insurance Services, Inc. is among the largest national providers of insurance coverage and specialized services to the commercial banking industry. Specializing in Lender Placed Hazard, Flood, and Collateral Protection Insurance with exclusive e-Trac Tracking Services, Seattle Specialty has been providing innovative insurance products and exceptional insurance tracking services since 1992, and is now a proud member of QBE Insurance.   

  Oak Creek, Wisconsin  
  Contact:  Thuan Truong at (800) 558-9910 
  or  Jim Sarosy at (614) 846-2170

Equipment Maintenance Management Program 
In today's changing environment, scrutinizing expenditures is an essential part to corporate success. Equipment maintenance represents a large single item expense that plays an integral role in balancing corporate budgets. The Financial Program offered by Specialty Underwriters LLC provides financial institutions with a proven process to effectively manage, reduce and control maintenance costs. This unique program provides substantial hard and soft dollar savings on the maintenance and repair of a wide range of equipment. This proven program enables organizations to consolidate multiple contracts into one comprehensive equipment maintenance program under the Specialty Underwriters LLC agreement.  

  Independence, Ohio  
  Contact:  Ben Pachla at (216) 643-2379 
  or  Jim Sarosy at (614) 846-2170

Insurance Products 
For more than a century, Travelers has supported community banks by offering an extensive selection of customized insurance solutions. Travelers' SelectOne product line responds to the most recent trends in community banking. The following coverage options are available through Travelers' Community Bank program: directors and officers liability, financial institution bond, bankers professional liability, kidnap and ransom, fiduciary liability, employment practices liability, lender liability, trust errors and omissions liability, Internet liability, computer property protection, identity fraud, general liability, excess depository bonds, property workers' compensation and auto liability. The Travelers Companies, Inc. is a leading property casualty insurer, selling primarily through independent agents and brokers. The company's diverse business lines offer its global customers a wide range of coverage in the auto, home and business settings. A component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Travelers has more than 30,000 employees and generated revenues of approximately $26.1 billion in 2013. A.M. Best has assigned Travelers a financial strength rating of A++ (superior).

  Cleveland, Ohio  
  Contact:  David Kovacs at (216) 650-3712 
  or  Jim Sarosy at (614) 846-2170

401(k) Solution 
Voya’s experience servicing and working with banking institutions goes well beyond the industry standard. We currently support strategic relationships with over 40 local and regional banking institutions and recordkeep over 200 banking clients on our 401(k) platform with assets over $750M. Voya is committed to helping you drive additional revenue, understands your business model, and values your strategic relationship. By providing a non-proprietary 401(k) solution, you can immediately expand your product offering to your clients and prospects. By working with Voya as an additional retirement plan provider, you can benefit from the following: 
Dedicated Support: Voya’s team of dedicated relationship managers bring a wealth of local banking expertise, including first-hand knowledge of the unique needs and opportunities that exist in the retirement industry. This dedicated support, coupled with Voya’s multicultural team, helps position you as a provider of choice for your multicultural clients.
A Comprehensive Product Continuum: Voya is one of the few providers with a scaled leadership presence across the entire DC spectrum with the ability to offer retirement plan solutions for any size or segment of the market on a bundled basis or in tandem with our national network of Third Party Administrators. Our experience in the banking industry has taught us that many of the 401(k) opportunities commercial lenders encounter are typically small market plans with plan assets between $3M - $5M and are generally unbundled with a local TPA. Leverage our established network of TPAs to complement your sales efforts.


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