CBAO FED PAC is a voluntary, nonpartisan political action committee of the Community Bankers Association of Ohio. The objective of CBAO FED PAC is to support the election of candidates who have an understanding of the community banking industry. CBAO FED PAC is an essential tool in the efforts to ensure that our common concerns are heard and heeded by those who make decisions affecting our industry.
Advancing our issues and the protection of our interests is CBAO FED PAC's number one priority. Community bank and thrift institutions are facing critical legislative issues. Supporting CBAO FED PAC is the best way to aid the business from which we earn our livelihood. Please contribute to your PAC!
Please contact Bob Palmer at 614.846.2349 for additional information.


  • CBAO Education & Training Committee Meeting - Columbus, OH


  • CBAO Legislative & Regulatory Committee - Columbus, OH
  • CBAO Board of Directors Meeting - Columbus, OH