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Community Bankers Association of Ohio
CBAO Service Corporation
CBAO Insurance Agency, Inc.

8800 Lyra Drive, Suite 570
Columbus, OH 43240

Fax: 614.846.4999

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Association and Subsidiary Staff

Robert L. Palmer
President and Chief Executive Director
Direct: 614.846.2349

Melody A. Taylor
Partner Program Coordinator
CBAO Insurance Agency, Inc.
CBAO Service Corporation
Interim Education and Training Coordinator
Direct: 614.610.1877

Christina V. McQuiller
Accounting Coordinator
Direct: 614.610.1875

Jessica A. Billenstein
Marketing and Special Events Coordinator
Direct: 614.610.1876

Allegra P. Lipstraw
Product and Service Coordinator
Direct: 614.846-2625

James J. Sarosy
Products and Service Advisor
CBAO Insurance Agency, Inc.
Direct: 614.846.2170
Cell: 614.306.9727

Community Bank Consultants

Jon D. Myers
CBAO Legislative Consultant
ph. 866.587.7955

James L. Harvin
Financial and Insurance Services Consultant
ph. 517.351.4158