CBAO University Community Awareness Training

CBAO University will bring education into your community through our alliance with the FDIC's Money Smart Program and other banking organizations. You may educate your customers on the topics listed below. All topics are presented in 90 minutes for a fee of $750. If you would like to present more than one topic for your community, rates are negotiable. For questions or to register, please contact Dawn Hoover at 614.846.8124. This is a great way to earn your CRA Credits!
1.    Understanding Credit Reports and Credit Scores
  • What is a credit report and credit score
  • How does information get reported
  • How to access your report
  • How you can dispute information on your report
  • How your credit report and score can help you build a strong credit identity
  • How knowledge of your credit report will help with ID theft prevention
This workshop provides the basics to help people understand the importance of taking charge of one's credit identity. Participants leave knowing how to access their personal credit report and obtain their credit score, as well as how to use the information contained on the reports to impact their financial lives.
2.    Making the Most of Your Paycheck
  • Goal setting - Getting what you want
  • Developing a spending plan that matches your paycheck
  • Identify what is important to you and your family
  • Finding ways to save money
This workshop helps participants learn to identify financial goals and develop a plan to reach them. It will include worksheets that participants can use in their daily lives. Tracking spending, prioritizing expenses, and incorporating goals into one's everyday spending plan will be discussed.
3.    Handling Credit and Debt Wisely
  • Why credit is an important tool for reaching financial goals
  • How to manage debt in order to build your credit rating
  • Various types of loan products and how they each work
  • Interest rates associated with various loan products
  • How to create "Powerpay Plan" for paying down debt
This workshop will cover, in a positive manner, basic information about managing credit, good versus bad debt, and what to do if facing a serious financial problem.
4.    ID Theft Protection
  • How does ID theft occur
  • How Identify thieves use your information
  • What precautions should be taken to prevent ID theft
  • What to do if your ID has been stolen
  • Who you should contact where you report ID theft
This workshop is valuable for each person to understand that there are ID thieves who make a living at stealing information. How to protect one's identity and what to do if personal data is stolen will be covered.
5.    Retirement Planning Basics
  • Understand when to start planning for retirement
  • The role of Social Security in retirement
  • Company sponsored 401K programs
  • IRA accounts
  • How much will you need in retirement
  • Rule of 72's - determines how fast money doubles
  • Insurance needs
This workshop is basic retirement planning 101. This covers the core information in starting the process of understanding how to plan for one's retirement years.


  • CBAO Education & Training Committee Meeting - Columbus, OH


  • CBAO Legislative & Regulatory Committee - Columbus, OH
  • CBAO Board of Directors Meeting - Columbus, OH