CBAO University Barret School of Banking

The Paul W. Barret, Jr. School of Banking is a non-profit independent school created by and governed by a Board of Regents, whose members are executives from banks and other firms involved with the financial services industry. The mission of the School is to provide an adult learning experience for the career-oriented individual in commercial banking or a related financial services industry business.

  • Three year program
  • Annual one-week residency session
  • Over 40 hours of classroom instruction each year, for a total of 128 hours
  • More than 35 years of providing advanced banking education
  • Annual tuition subsidy of over $1,300 for each student from endowments funds
  • Barret School of Banking


  • CBAO Education & Training Committee Meeting - Columbus, OH


  • CBAO Legislative & Regulatory Committee - Columbus, OH
  • CBAO Board of Directors Meeting - Columbus, OH